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Howdy pardners. My name is Gary Shulman, and I am a neglected horse husband.  I can finally admit it—I’m just a city boy who happened to marry a woman who's absolutely nuts about horses.  My life changed dramatically when we decided to buy a horse farm in beautiful Novelty, Ohio—rather, when my wife decided that we should buy a horse farm in beautiful Novelty, Ohio. Christine is an equine fanatic.  She lives and breathes horses.  On any given day, she’ll spend about 2 hours in the house and about 14 hours in the barn or in the arena or on the trail or out chasing cows (of course, she calls it team penning).  That leaves me with a lot of free time on my hands, which usually consists of an activity that requires the use of a remote control.  I've even tried to use my remote to cook dinner, but that doesn't work.


Actually, I learned a great deal about horses from years of observing horsewomen in action.   So, I finally decided to do something about it—I developed a line of funny horse t-shirts and sweats for the equine enthusiast young and old, and also some for neglected horse husbands everywhere.  There’s a lot of truth in my t-shirts, and I hope you agree.  


Please enjoy, and remember, when it comes to t-shirts and horses, always wash and ride responsibly! In other words, take the extra two seconds to turn them inside-out before washing--this will definitely add to their shelf life.






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